Herbie Hunter and the Fathomless Legion Last Generation Book 2

Last Generation Book 2

29 October 2018, Monday

The second installment in the exciting Last Generation book series – aimed at Generation Z – is now available on Amazon!

Last Generation is a series of YA magical realism action and adventure novels for teens that tells a story of the battle between good and evil that has been waging since the dawn of time. In the first book in the series, Herbie Hunter’s life was turned upside down after his father died and he and his mother had no choice but to go and live with Herbie’s grandmother in Paradise Rift. But Herbie quickly learned that Paradise Rift was no normal town—a UFO worshipping cult known as the Light Seekers had made it their headquarters, and strange happenings had plagued the town since their arrival. With the help of his new friends, family and a secret order of occult scholars, Herbie must reveal the truth despite the odds being stacked against him. You can download a free sample of Book 1 here.

In Herbie Hunter and the Fathomless Legion (Last Generation Book 2), we rejoin our hero, Herbie Hunter, as the mystery only becomes more tangled as it unravels, and the true face of evil begins to rear its ugly head. Herbie battles to find justice for his losses in a turbulent climate and has to draw his own line between fantasy and reality, but more importantly, a line between justice and vengeance. Now that he has committed himself as a warrior for the forces of good, he will have to ensure that he does not unwillingly fan the flames of evil by blindly following a misunderstood sense of duty in pursuit of justice. Only when he risks losing everyone he loves can he start to value them over his quest for vengeance for those he has lost.

Herbie Hunter and the Fathomless Legion, the second book in the Last Generation book series is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!