Last Generation Book Series

Last Generation Book Series

1 May 2018, Tuesday

The first book in the Last Generation book series – aimed at Generation Z – is now available on Amazon!

Last Generation is a series of YA magical realism action and adventure novels that tells a story of the battle between good and evil that has been waging since the dawn of time. The first book in the series, Herbie Hunter and the Twisted Furies is now available on Amazon.

Herbie Hunter and the Twisted Furies is a futuristic novel set in 2026 that explores how the challenges that we must face in life ultimately guide us to our True purpose, and how easily we can stray from our paths when we refuse to face these trials head-on. While technology offers human civilization the opportunity to progress in great strides, it also serves as a distraction from one’s higher calling and their relationship with a Divine Entity.

The book dares the reader to break away from their screen, to open their eyes to the wonders around them, where the Truth lays waiting. Although life’s meaning can seem so intangible and abstract at times, in reality, it stares you in the face, waiting for you to manifest it. The story follows our unlikely hero on an even unlikelier journey, where he faces not only every day social upheavals, but a spiritual battle against the forces of evil. Whilst discovering his own identity as a freshman in a new school, he must also learn to identify the good in others and the darkness that lurks behind those that seem the kindest. Only by realizing his place in the grand scheme of things can he understand his role amongst his peers, and ultimately whether he will slip between the cracks or be a leader to a new generation that has become lost in a world of endless distraction.

Herbie Hunter and the Twisted Furies, the first book in the Last Generation book series is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!

You can also read most of the book for free here!