Herbie Hunter and the Djinnius Executioner

Herbie Hunter and the Djinnius Executioner (Last Generation Book 3)

In the final months of 2026, a brutal string of murders has rocked Northern Nevada. The work of a monstrous serial killer — the Djinnius Executioner. As the body count piles up, a strange pattern begins to emerge — whenever the mangled corpse of a victim is discovered, the same person is waiting at every crime scene. Herbie Hunter.

Could Herbie have finally snapped from the endless trauma he’s faced since arriving in Paradise Rift, or has Don Balcom finally thought of a plan to get him out of the picture for good? Desperate to prove his innocence, Herbie must cross the globe, following the trail of breadcrumbs that the Djinnius Executioner has left for him.

This third installment blows the lid off the grand conspiracy, finally revealing the master plan that has been brewing for thousands of years.

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